Committees are the backbones of successful Main Street programs. They provide the people who implement activities and the structured framework that allows volunteers throughout the community to become actively involved in the revitalization process. They enable members of many constituent groups with a stake in Eagle River’s future to work together to accomplish common goals and to build new and strengthen existing friendships. Finally, committees help develop new leadership to sustain the revitalization effort for years to come.

The Main Street approach to revitalization is based on four points:

  • Organization
  • Promotion
  • Design
  • Economic Restructuring

ERRP Organization Committee:

Provides the stability necessary to build and maintain a revitalization program. Diverse groups, from both the public and private sector, work together to create a strong, viable organization that is well structured, well funded and committed to the future.

ERRP Promotion Committee:

Has the responsibility to market a unified quality image of the community as the center of activities, goods and services to retailers, shoppers, investors, tourists, and others. Effective promotion creates a positive image of the community.

ERRP Design Committee:

Works to create an attractive, coordinated and quality image of the community by capitalizing on its unique assets and heritage. Their attention is focused on all the physical elements such as buildings, storefronts, signs, public improvements, parking, landscaping, and merchandising displays.

ERRP Economic Vitality Committee:

Works to strengthen the existing economic base of the community while diversifying it. It is their job to develop a market strategy that will result in an improved retail mix, a stronger tax base, increased investor confidence and a stable role for the businesses as major components of the city’s economy.