About Us

Contact Information

Please use the following information to contact the ERRP:

525 E. Maple Street
PO Box 2302
Eagle River, Wisconsin 54521

PHONE: 715-477-0645 
E-mail: errp@nnex.net 
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Our Vision

By the year 2020 Eagle River will enhance its position as the premier destination point in Wisconsin’s northwoods to live, vacation, dine and shop.

Our Mission

The Eagle River Revitalization Program will build upon Eagle River’s tradition as a vital and attractive destination, improve the business environment and enhance the quality of life.

Why Revitalize Our Community?

A healthy, viable business environment is crucial to the economic health and civic pride of the entire community. It retains and creates jobs; provides a stronger tax base; establishes businesses that use public services and provides tax revenues for the community. Revitalizing our community will also preserve the symbols of our community’s unique heritage for future generations.

Eagle River’s Main Street district is unique from other programs in that it encompasses not only the downtown, but the entire city limits. This difference will create unique challenges for our community and requires the recruitment of many talented and dedicated volunteers to implement the “Four-Point Approach.” The people who volunteer are diverse, including city officials, professionals, merchants, employees, residents, civic groups, consumers, high school students, retirees and YOU! As little as two hours per month can make a world of difference.