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Building Improvement Grant Program

Eagle River Main Street Program
~ Building Improvement Grant Program ~


The Building Improvement Grant Program has been established by Eagle River Revitalization Program (ERRP) and may be used alone or in conjunction with any other private financing. The Eagle River Revitalization Program can also provide free professional design assistance. This includes recommendations on appropriate facade renovations including paint, color, windows, awnings, masonry and drawings of proposed work.


  • To improve the business climate in downtown Eagle River.

  • To improve the façades and building conditions of existing businesses within the BID District.

  • To enhance the quality of life in the Eagle River Area.

To encourage the development and improvement of the buildings within the BID District.


BID Property owners and businesses within the BID District are eligible for up to $2,000.00 in matching grant funds for exterior facade improvements made to their building within the BID District. As a matching grant program, the ERRP will reimburse the property owner for up to 50% of the expense, up to a maximum of $2,000 ($2,000 grant funds matched by $2,000 private funds). The ERRP reserves the right under this program to exceed the maximum grant amount of $2,000 on a case-by-case basis. Grants may be awarded to eligible applicants by a committee review while funds are available. Applicants are eligible for only one grant award within a five (5) year time frame unless otherwise approved by ERRP.


The Business Improvement Grant Program is available to any Commercial BID property owner on property lying within the BID District. The program is also available to tenants of such buildings given the property owners written consent.


  • Exterior Façade improvements

  • Awnings

  • Exterior Lighting


  1. Applications are distributed and collected by the ERRP on a first-come/first-serve basis.

  2. Completed applications are reviewed by the ERRP Board who have complete discretion over the program.

  3. ERRP will attempt to provide notification of approval/denial to the applicant within 30 (30) days of application. Note that the project must be approved prior to any of the work taking place.

4. Appropriate documentation, such as invoices, must be submitted to the ERRP for reimbursement upon completion of the project. Note that all projects must be completed within ninety (90) days of grant approval unless otherwise approved by the ERRP.


  1. Letter of Intent, addressed to the ERRP, which should briefly outline the scope, size, intention, timeline and objective of the project in question.

  2. Completed Building Improvement Grant Program application form (attached)

  3. Completed Release of Information Letter (attached)


All applicants shall utilize the design standards set forth below as guidelines for designing improvements to buildings located in the BID District.


It is the general intent of the ERRP to renovate, preserve and maintain BID properties in the City of Eagle River in order to:

1. Encourage urban design excellence
2. Integrate urban design and preservation of Eagle River’s heritage into the process of redevelopment.
3. Enhance the character of the Eagle River business community. 4. Improve the appearance of the downtown City properties.


  1. Context: The facility is designed in a manner that is mindful of and complementary to the existing building and natural environment.

  2. Building Design: All buildings shall be designed with attention and sensitivity to the historical, architectural and physical context in which they are located.

  3. Awnings: If provided, they should be designed as an integral component of the building façade.

  4. Historic preservation: Preservation of unique historic or architectural landmarks is encouraged.

  5. Note: All improvements, including awnings, and lighting, must comply with all zoning and building code requirements of the City of Eagle River.